Central Park

Being awfully touristy in Central Park. I was going to feed the squirrels, but then i came across an article saying the easiest way to spot tourists is looking for people feeding the squirrels in Central park. Duh.

Squirrel in Central Park
New York_5__DSC7461_40_NETT
It was October and still super nice outside. 
You’re also not supposed to feed the birds. And you’re definitely not supposed to touch them. 


Jimmy G benefit in Tompkins square park

While in New York we went to a benefit concert for Jimmy Gestapo. The money raised went to medical bills after Jimmy lost his gallbladder and had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The bands playing were The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Sheer Terror, Killing Time and Combust.

Punkers punking_DSC7419_44_NETT
Jimmy G benefit concert. 
Punkers punking_DSC7401_43_NETT.JPG
Jimmy G benefit concert. Didn’t know punkers danced like that. 
New York_4__DSC7415_39_NETT
Killing Time playing at the Jimmy G benefit. 
Thom and Hans_DSC7328_51_NETT
Sneak shot at Niagara bar before the show. They told me this was Ryan Adams’ favourite bar in New York. 


I was actually looking for cool and/or useful actions for Photoshop, when i stumbled upon Mystical Lights by Pro Add-Ons.

The Mystical Lights pack is a pack of 150 different pictures (or ‘overlays”) to make lighting effects in Photoshop. I decided to start by exploring the bokeh effects.

Bokeh is originally the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. In later years people have had a more artistic approach to bokeh, using it to create a cool effect in some pictures.

Here’s some examples of adding bokeh to pictures. NB: Some also have some natural bokeh, but you can usually tell what is real and what is added.